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Glass Q & A

insulated glass units

What is the glass part of my window called?

Goes by the name Insulated unit. The glass part of your window is made up of two or three individual glass panels sepearted by an air or gas filled space.  The panels are separated by a metal spacer around the perimeter.  Then its sealed up tight.  When your window is fogged or has condensation on the inside your seal has been broken and its time for a new unit. Not the frame and all, unless you want new windows & we can help with that too,  just replace the unit and it will be good as new. 

Broken glass

What kind of glass do I need?

  • The most common type of glass is Annealed. It can be cut, machined, drilled, edged and polished.  Annealing is the process of slowly cooling glass to relive internal stresses after it is formed. This glass does not qualify as " Safety Glass". When Annealed glass breaks it breaks into shards. 
  • Tempered Glass is a type of "Safety Glass" processed by a controlled thermal treatment that increases the strength of the glass multiple times. When it break it crumbles into small granulate style pieces instead of possible dangerous jagged shards. Glass table tops, shelves and shower doors are tempered. 
  • Laminated Glass is shatter resistant safety glass. It has two layers held together by a type of plastic inner layer,  typically Poly-Butyl.  This is used in commercial setting and the automotive glass industry. 


How do I use glass to decorate?

Home improvement never looked this good!  If you want to give your home or business a unique look, decorative or architectural glass is the way to go.  Kitchen counters, backsplashes, Bars, Stairs or a Handrail just to name a few ways to design the custom home of your dreams. 

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